"Yes, Bella, I saw you smiling at me..."

"Yes, Bella, I saw you smiling at me..."
..and I did see that beautiful Rose too! Love you. Great Grandma Jean

Dear Great Grandma Jean: I wanted to give you this rose, but

Dear Great Grandma Jean:  I wanted to give you this rose, but
when I looked up I saw you way up high in the clouds, and you were way too far away for me to hand this to you. You looked so peaceful and you were smiling, so I smiled back - did you see me? I remember you wearing that sport-cap when all your hair fell out after you got that thing they call cancer. I was so hoping you'd get better, but when you didn't and you felt so badly, I just knew you needed to rest. Well, I can dry the rose petals; put some pretty perfume on them, and keep them in a little jar so I'll always remember the day I saw you floating on the cloud near Heaven. I love you. Bella

Friday, June 13, 2008

Jean's services were held today...

A day that we'll all remember; a day in Cincinnati - with storms, but after the clouds there will be sunshine. The flowers will bloom; the birds will sing, and Jean will smile down on those that have cried as they said good-bye. Jean will remember the days she gave birth to her children; the times with her husband Bill, and she'll be waiting until they'll all be joined together in that everlasting place we all heaven.
As Kahlil Gibran said: "Your children are not your
children; they come through you, not from you." "You can't ask that your
children strive to be like you, but you can strive to be like your
children." In the Kreutz family they merely strive to live life to the
fullest - like their mom and dad did - Jean did not make love of others a bond,
but they all did bond in mutual respect, and love.


lisa marie said...

This must have been so hard. I'm sorry for the loss. Love your post above too, the words are so fitting.

And thank you for your kind words and link there in your sidebar. XO You are too kind!

Now in a comment you left you spoke you family members touched by cancer and did I understand correctly that your Lisa Marie is also touched by it? I hope all is well there. XO

lisaschaos said...

Just looking for a way to say Happy Fourth to you. Hope you have a great weekend!

Lily Dove said...

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